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Social Retargeting - Facebook recruitment platform

Social RetargetingTM

Amplify your talent pool with quality candidates with the social recruitment tool that is revolutionising recruitment across the world.

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Company Parichay - Facebook career tab solution

Social Career Site Manager

Attract candidates from your career site, facebook page and job boards. Give your career site the Social edge!

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Employee Parichay - Employee referral platform

Employee ParichayTM

Simplified employee referral programs with the power of facebook. Leveraging the power of your employees was never this easy.

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Why Social recruitment?

80% of recruiters believe that Facebook will be the most important hiring tool in 2014. Facebook has over 28 million more profiles than traditional avenues like job boards or LinkedIn, making it the biggest source of untapped talent.

Countless organisations are realising the importance of passive job seekers via social recruiting who could not be found on these traditional channels. Are you being left behind?

Social recruitment facebook
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Learn how corporations around the world are revolutionising their recruitment process with our simple and effective tools