2012 MyParichay India Job Seeker Survey is out

2012 MyParichay India Job Seeker Survey is out


Center for Talent Research, on behalf of MyParichay and Shine.com, conducted a nationwide online omnibus survey of 6,740 individuals who are part of the Indian workforce. Of the 6,740 members of the workforce 265 were currently employed but not open to a new job.

1 out of  5 job seekers today credit social media connections with their current job. The study will help employers and HR Manager learn where their talent is today and how they are accessing information about an Employer Brand.

More than 90% of the young white-collar working population is present on Facebook, and about 60% are present only on the Facebook social network. This makes it imperative (and equally challenging) for HR managers to reach out and engage with this huge talent pool on the world’s largest social platform.


Facebook is more likely to become the most dominant social network of the future both for personal and professional purposes as more and more jobseekers are finding their Facebook friends as useful as their LinkedIn connections for career progression.

More job seekers have updated their Facebook profile with basic professional information than on LinkedIn. At MyParichay over 60% of the users have their current and past employer information on their Facebook, and over 75% of them have their education and college mentioned in this profile.

For more information on our survey, download our 2012 Social job Seeker Survey HERE

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