5 steps to a great social recruiting experience

5 steps to a great social recruiting experience


social recruiting experience

‘Wikipedia defines social recruiting as a concept at the intersection of recruitment and the embryonic field of social media’

However, social recruiting is simply finding & hiring great talent on a network where a majority of them are available. Social recruiting is moving on an exponential growth path with universal adoption by industries since its birth. *Statistics show a whopping 78% of recruiters have used social media to hire at least one candidate and over 94% of them use or plan to use social media in their hiring process.

Although, starting off with social recruitment can be a daunting task and the growing number of social media networks just increases this complexity. The right sync of planning and executing will help improve you experience and simplify this process to a great extent. Here are 5 steps which may be helpful in leading you towards a great social recruiting experience:

Step1: Optimize your choices

Different networks work differently & bear different guidelines. The big three of social media Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter (*contributing 65%, 94% & 55% of total hire respectively) generally appears on top of a recruiters list to be considered for social recruiting. However there are also networks namely Google+, Yammer, Branchout & Instagram registering their presence. Selecting the network on the basis of the job to be posted & candidature to be sought for guarantees better response. For ex. One is more likely to get a candidate of senior level on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook where middle or lower level candidature can be sought for.

Step2: Mining resources

With millions of professional profiles available, it required a great deal of effort and close detailing to select candidates suiting one’s need. On the other hand, searching profiles on the basis of skills, work experience, location, education details & professional expertise guarantees a much higher quality of profile bearing close resemblance to one’s requirements. Commonly, recruiters use networks like LinkedIn to search for professional experience, tenure & specific skills and on other hand they use Facebook for cultural fit, referrals & brand exposure. Very few platforms provide a recruiter with search options bearing such complexity, some good examples LinkedIn, MyParichay  etc.

Step3: Encourage referrals

Research proves it is the network of your current employees which brings best quality hires (*referrals bring 64% of the hires bearing top performing grades in organization even greater than that of corporate career sites which accounts to 59%). Candidates hired through referrals are more likely to stay on a job longer than those hired independently. *An estimated 68% of the companies offer referral compensation to ensure competitive advantage over others. Powering up your Employee referral program & promoting them on social networks guarantees greater participation and desired results.

Step4: Determine ROI

A high performing candidate with higher retention generates greater value to the company. *Companies spending as less than $1000/month on social recruiting, experience value from their hires ranging between $20k to $90k per year. One should ascertain a goal ROI for every social recruiting campaign, which brings healthy advantage to the company and work towards achieving it. Social media tools and analytics make it easy to monitor and optimize this process.

Step5: SMarketing (Smart Marketing)

Social recruiting is smart marketing. Recruiters do serve as the bridge connecting the organization to the outer world and portraying themselves as the face of the organization. Marketing open positions, work culture & company ethics does provide a competitive advantage over others. A job seeker is more likely to seek a career in an organization with a healthy work culture and strong ethics.

‘MyParichay’ offers a powerful technology solution to fully automate and boost your social recruiting experience. MyParichay is an enterprise class solution which provide benefits to the recruiter through an, Intuitive Workflow, simple and easy to use dashboard to post jobs, manage responses, Gamification & Comprehensive Reporting.

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*MyParichay Facebook Recruitment Q2 Index 2013

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