6 tips to get the most out of your career webpage!

6 tips to get the most out of your career webpage!



In the present competitive market, it is essential for growing companies to do everything they can to attract great talent. The front line of this recruiting effort is a company’s career page. Having an efficient career webpage guarantees interest of visitors coming to your website and increasing the possibility of more and more quality hires.

Being the first thing a potential new hire sees when searching for new opportunities, the goal of having the career webpage should always be to showcase the organization as a great place to work and increase the conversion rate of top talent applying for jobs. Here are six tips which can help you get the most out of your career webpage:



Tip 1. Easily searchable Career Page

 Your career webpage should be optimized enough in order to be found by direct or indirect traffic. An easily searchable career page makes it easier to be found by newer visitors coming to the site. Optimize your career webpage with on page & off page optimization. Also make sure to have a link on your homepage or in your footer so that prospective candidates can find your career page. A benefit of keeping a link in the footer is that candidates will be able to visit the careers page after doing research on the company.

Tip 2. Fill it with Updated Content

A career page should be updated with latest open positions with details mentioned clearly. Also make sure updates in your career site matches the corporate culture of your organization. The career site can be a great place to share content that tells the story of you company. You should also include text about your company culture, the benefits of working at your organization and any unique information that sets your organization apart.

Tip 3. Make it Shareable

Sharing increases reach and improves visibility. Social media is an extremely valuable tool for promoting all your awesome content. The social sharing options (social follow buttons & social media sharing buttons) should accompany your content. Adding these buttons to your content allows you to expand the reach of your content and job openings to new audiences and generate new visitors back to your website.

Tip 4. Use an ATS

Increasingly Applicant Tracking Systems are becoming pivotal to organization’s recruitment and selection strategies. There is an increasing demand of these systems used to support the internal selection processes, which requires a flexible and scalable approach. An ATS can help you to have centralized platform for receiving all applications at one single destination. Tracking the applicants also becomes easier with the use of ATS.

Tip 5. Simplify the Application Process

In order to appeal to top talent, the applicant procedure must be simple with lesser complexity. The traffic coming to the career page must not go through multiple processes just to submit their resume, especially not passive candidates who are not actively looking for job and are less likely to spend time just to apply. Providing applicants with a one-step process means that you will receive more resumes, resulting in a better applicant pool for you to move ahead. Make sure interested applicants can apply to jobs easily, register their interest in your company for future opportunities or just reach out with a question.

Tip 6. Make it Visually Appealing

It’s equally important that your website has a visual layout that is inviting, catchy and visually appealing. While you don’t necessarily need to design your homepage in psychedelic colors, you do want to be sure to emphasize the most important sections of the site. Collaborate with your website designer to create the perfect graphic layout for your needs.

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