About Us

Parichay in Sanskrit means providing a formal introduction of a trusted person.

MyParichay is a dedicated group of successful entrepreneurs, HR professionals, and computer scientists that want to capture the spirit behind a Parichay (an introduction) from a known person to transform how people achieve their career potential and companies find the best quality talent.

We know connections matter. They help you find a job, advance your career, close a business deal, get you kid into a good school. Your friends from college, high school, family, work colleagues, closest friends and their family are connected to you through your personal and professional networks. Many of your Facebook™ connections are successful professionals; MyParichay combines information of your personal and professional connections from Facebook and LinkedIn to give a comprehensive view of all people who can influence your professional career.

MyParichay unlocks the power of your Professional Influence in your social network and our proprietary technology allows you to leverage those connections in a private, secure fashion for professional and career advancement. MyParichay empowers you and gives you access to professionals until now was the privilege of a select few. MyParichay analyzes information of your Facebook™ and LinkedIn™ connections to give a comprehensive view of all people who can influence your professional career.

You can track your Professional Influence in your Social Network through PCI™ and tell the world how you can influence it.

You have Professional Influence! Grow it!

Employers know the best talent is found through the social and professional network of employees. There are times when you speak to a candidate and wish you could find more like her/him. We bring the power of referrals across the entire talent supply chain – from your jobs posted on a job board, on a career site, generate referrals from candidates in your ATS and transform your Facebook page into a referral magnet. MyParichay will allow your recruiters to find professional contacts in a candidate’s Facebook network that they speak with or email to and finally find professional contacts in your employees’ Facebook network or alumni.

Our Products

Social Retargeting - Facebook recruitment platform

Social RetargetingTM

Amplify your talent pool with quality candidates with the tool that is revolutionising recruitment across the world.

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Company Parichay - Facebook career tab solution

Company ParichayTM

Increase visibility of open positions and build a robust and engaging employer brand with our facebook tools.

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Employee Parichay - Employee referral platform

Employee ParichayTM

Simplified employee referral programs with the power of facebook. Leveraging the power of your employees was never this easy.

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