The F.A.C.E of Facebook Recruiting

The F.A.C.E of Facebook Recruiting



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There’s a whole lot more to Facebook recruiting than putting up a couple of job posts and hoping someone finds your page, takes an interest, and applies for a job. The post & pray method might have worked in the past but it’s a whole different ball game right now when it comes to seeking talent. In order to build a talent community and increase your job exposure to top quality candidates, one has to change the definition of online recruitment to discover a whole new connotation for “Facebook recruiting”.

To strategize their Facebook recruitment, one should have a proper understanding of the platform and create a plan based on it. Described below, from a recruiter’s point of view, is a plan which showcases the basic building blocks of using Facebook to recruit quality talent which forms the F.A.C.E of Facebook.

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 F. Friends


Facebook resembles friendship, whether personal or professional, it is the network that provides an opportunity to grow.  The rise of social media has empowered individuals with ability to communicate & connect with the people they want to. A recruiter should always look for networking which can increase their update’s reach and guarantee them quality responses in the form of direct enquiries of referrals. Networking allows one to source candidates and builds a pipeline which can easily cater to hiring needs in the future.


A. Audience

If there are over 1.19 billion people using Facebook every month and 728 million people using Facebook every day, there’s a good chance that the people you’re looking for are on the platform. The question is, without a strategy in place to attract & engage the right ones to your Career Page, are you any better off than if you were to post-and-pray on a job board?

In order to increase candidate conversion and grow your talent pool with Facebook, you have to build an audience for your page. Post relevant updates (internal & external), industry trends & developments to attract and engage audience which in turn would lead to increased reach to your job postings. Not to forget, by creating a Career Page, you have an instant branding opportunity that immediately positions your company in front of your most devoted and loyal fans i.e. the people who want to work for you!

C. Campaigns

Organic campaigns involving competition, offers, interests etc. are an easy way to build audience with minimal effort, whereas inorganic campaigns like Facebook ads provide accessibility to reach your ideal audience. For example, posting a status update on your Career Page may reach a limited amount of your current Facebook talent pool thereby providing average return. However, using a strategically targeted ad can help you ensure that your jobs, your recruiting events, or your employer ends up being seen by the eyes likely to give them attention (or clicks & job applications). The idea is to build a campaign designed for an ideal candidate and promote it with organic as well as paid methods.

E. Employee Referrals

Research has proved in the past that employee referrals are the number one source of hiring volume and new hire quality. Referrals are generally hired at a rate of one out of three applications at top-performing firms. Numbers like those mean recruiters and employers just can’t ignore employee referrals as a source of candidates and quality hires. Referral recruitment strategies must make employee referrals easy, rewarding, and effective. Today the hiring market has numerous examples of automated referrals platforms which can carry out your referral program smoothly all across your organization.

So now that you have seen the ‘FACE’ of Facebook Recruiting, tell us what is the first step you’ll take to get your Facebook strategy rolling?


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