Facebook recruiting – what leaders are doing and what you should do!

Facebook recruiting – what leaders are doing and what you should do!



Facebook is an incredibly useful hiring tool in present market. Not only does it have a massive user base, but Facebook also provides a wealth of sourcing and recruitment friendly tools such as graph search, and targeted ads. With over 84% of job seekers having profiles on Facebook, employers’ flocking to this network in order to win war of talent acquisition is not uncommon.

However, there’s a whole lot more to Facebook recruiting than putting up a couple of job posts and hoping someone finds your page, takes an interest, and applies for a job. The post & pray method might have worked in the past but it’s a whole different ball game right now when it comes to seeking talent. In order to build a talent community and increase your job exposure to top quality candidates, one has to change the definition of online recruitment to discover a whole new connotation for “Facebook recruiting”. Organizations are now quickly adopting principles which bring them great success to their recruiting efforts.

Below, we highlight three major strategies along with successful examples, you should employ in your recruitment strategy for optimum recruitment:

1. Relationship Recruiting

Relationship recruiting is about building lasting relationships that’s tough. And if you want to break through to the next level of candidate pipe-lining to create a true talent community, you must find a way to engage your members so they develop a sense of trust and willingness to connect with you. Build a community, drive conversation through meaningful content & provide a better candidate experience.

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) has always been on the top when it comes to using Facebook to engage with active & passive candidates, sourcing talent and building effective talent pipeline. The Tata Group firm has always laid importance on recruitment through new digital channels like Facebook and LinkedIn which have reduced the amount of hiring for the company by third-party recruiters.

Examples of TCS Facebook page posts focusing on sourcing & engaging talent:

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2. Employer Branding

Employer branding is one of the hottest recruiting trends of 2014. The more endearing and desirable your employer brand, the more employees share it—and the more people want to work for you. Company culture is one of the major factors that help candidates decide whether or not they believe they’ll be a fit for an open position, and making culture a part of your brand will help you generate candidate leads, as well as help cut down on turnover within the company.

Google is the indisputable leader in employer branding. The Internet search engine giant has carved out a great brand image. One of its distinguishing elements has been the skill to attract and maintain talent, and to be seen as a great place to work. This has had a resoundingly positive impact on its brand image.

Examples of Google Facebook page posts focusing on Employer Branding:


3. Mobile recruiting

With mobile device usage growing at a rampant rate across the world, many industries, including hospitality, are looking for ways to take their businesses mobile. The job recruitment industry is jumping on the bandwagon too, as ad agencies, companies and job boards everywhere are running mobile recruiting campaigns.

Sodexo has been successful in using social and mobile to drive traffic to its digital properties, including its career site and mobile-specific jobs app where candidates and employees can search and apply jobs from their mobile device. Sodexo has seen a 233% increase in visits to its mobile site and more than 1.5 million page views in 2013. To date, Sodexo’s mobile job app and has resulted in 107 hires. Of those hires, 53% were referred candidates, hired via mobile referral program.

Snapshot of Sodexo Mobile App:


These strategies can be what all you need to get success with using Facebook to hire. Now, if you want to take your Facebook recruiting to the next level, using a top rated Facebook recruiting app like MyParichay is another option that I highly suggest.

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