How to build candidate pipeline in 30 minutes a day using Facebook!

How to build candidate pipeline in 30 minutes a day using Facebook!


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As a recruiter you want to be where the most qualified, talented, and largest pool of applicant is. Human resources can leverage social media to tap in to potential recruits. This type of head hunting is called social recruiting. It’s about engaging with users and using social media tools to source and recruit talent.

Out of the big three networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, Facebook saw the biggest gain in overall usage by recruiters to find job candidates with one in every four recruiters has been successful in finding candidate on Facebook. However, in order to use Facebook as a recruiting tool, you need to have a good idea about:

–          Whom you’re recruiting and when you need them.

–          How to find, attract and engage them.

Having a clear answer and focus to the above questions does half of your job and provides a solid base to start over. Described below are the steps which make it quite possible to build a pipeline of quality talent by devoting just 30 minutes a day.

Build quality connections

A recruiter with few good connections doesn’t need hundreds of leads, but instead, only a handful of actual advocates to get the word out in a way that’s more authentic and infinitely more powerful than blasting out an automated e-mail to your entire candidate database, no matter how many contacts it contains. The idea is to add value in order to reap benefits later. One can use Facebook search to find profiles ideally suitable for openings in your company and connect to them. Find connections in your second level connections (as Facebook connections have approx 46% of 1st level connections bearing similar profile) and connect to them. Having quality connections can always provide good reach and engagement to your posts.

Devote the first 10 min of your time in searching and connecting with the right people in each genre of candidature i.e. sales, technical, hr, administration etc.

(By using an automated platform like MyParichay, you can also source and club these profiles under each genre which makes it easier for you to access them when a need arises in your organization)

Turn connections to candidates

Effective recruiting means spreading sourcing across every available resource, database, platform or channel. It’s the most important job of a recruiter to know the organizations, affiliations, job market conditions and professional expectations of candidates in order to source and develop a full candidate pipeline. No matter what you’re recruiting for, knowing this sort of information is critical, or no matter how good you are at finding candidates or building a following on social media, you won’t have the ability to effectively engage them in a conversation or leverage them as a candidate or connection.

Devote your next 10 min in publishing content which should engage your connections. One can always use information about vacancies and open positions which can garner interest among your connections who may be seeking similar opportunities. You can also share relevant content posted by others in order to build relation with your connections.

Employer branding

On Facebook, employer branding and effective recruiting both begin with the development of your company page. Most large firms have an active company page on Facebook, as do many smaller companies. If a company already has a page, next is finding a balance between marketing outreach and recruiting. To make your company page the heart of your branding, you must produce a steady stream of changing content focused on the people you want to reach. The core principle of developing audience is to give each visitor value which is more than what they invested.

Devote your last 10 min in posting content via your Facebook company page. Post content in the form of internal blogs, industry trends and news which can motivate your audience to keep engaged to your page.

(By using an automated platform like MyParichay, you can install a dedicated career tab on your page which provides audience the visibility to directly access and go through all the available openings directly on Facebook)

Social media recruiting helps an employer get to know a potential job candidate. Using social media recruiting requires time and effort but it’s an investment in longer-term benefits for your company.

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