How to build a Talent Pipeline for optimum recruitment!

How to build a Talent Pipeline for optimum recruitment!


Reports suggest 77% of the total job seekers in 2013 were passive candidates. These job seekers while not actively applying for jobs are weighing their options and are likely searching for specific positions, requirements in a short list of targeted companies.

Many recruiters struggle with filling open positions in their organizations because of time and budget constraints. But being thoughtful about an organization’s future talent needs can help an organization develop and maintain a steady stream of people to turn to when it’s time to hire. This stream, or talent pipeline, can not only help recruiters fill critical positions quickly, but also can help them cultivate people who will be able to step into leadership roles successfully down the road.

How to build a talent pipeline?

Determine pipeline goals:

Who do you want to hire? You have to move beyond skills, experience and credentials because the pipeline is about finding the right people, not just filling specific openings. Come up with an ideal employee profile, one that aligns with your company mission, vision and values. Market to someone, not the crowd. Identify channels from where you want to build the pipeline and maintain your presence on.

Generate Capture & Qualify talents:

Sourcing plays a major role in building a strong pipeline. Use social media searches, job portals etc. to generate talents. Segment talent on the basis of job requirement & role and build numbers.

Capture talents by leveraging your management software to track candidates. If you don’t have an automated platform, get one.  Develop a process for taking them through pipeline stages just like you do with your sales leads. Capture information about candidates that you will need to assess whether the lead is cold, warm or hot.

Identify a method to qualify whether a candidate is a good fit for your company regardless of skills, experience or credentials. Send a message to those who are a good fit and keep them in a loop even if you do not have any opening to continue cultivating the relationship.

Engage / Build relationship:

Relationship recruiting is about building lasting relationships that’s tough. And if you want to break through to the next level of candidate pipelining to create a true talent community, you must find a way to engage your members so they develop a sense of trust and willingness to connect with you. Build a community, drive conversation through meaningful content & provide a better candidate experience.

By creating a candidate pipeline to develop, influence, and execute strategies for managing organizational change, one can balance the expectations and needs of the organization. This growth strategy allows recruiting and HR to align their employer branding messages with the company’s overall mission and marketing goals. Together, these departments can unite their business efforts helping tying HR and recruiting business goals to the overall success of the entire organization.


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