How to Hire via Facebook in 2014

How to Hire via Facebook in 2014


Hiring the right talent for your business is hard, really hard. As a business, the potential to do more is directly proportional to the quality of staff it has. The right candidate often guarantees optimum results and better customer satisfaction than a wrong one which brings bad customer satisfaction and wastage of time and money.

Although various medium have emerged to help one solve hiring puzzles; social media alone stands tall and is on an exponential growth path. Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Branchout have been identified as the best mediums for recruitment. In this blog, we will talk about what approach one should adopt in the year 2014 which will guarantee success while hiring via the biggest social media network ‘Facebook’.

Build an Employer brand

Social media works on inbound principles and Facebook is no different. A charismatic brand with fan engagement and regular updates always draws attention and user response. Companies like ‘Dell’, ‘TCS’, ‘Coke’ and others have broken the barriers and derived an ROI out of their Facebook brand pages. Building a brand page with regular updates about career opportunities gains interest among job seekers and are likely to engage with one’s page. Adding careers tab and synching career portal to the page itself is one feature which connects job seekers to the portal directly on Facebook page.

*MyParichay provides dedicated career tab for Facebook page which connects your career portal to job seekers


*TCS delivers job updates and engaging posts to its fans via its facebook page and Career Tab

Build a community

One of the most powerful ways to promote your job openings and career opportunities is through owning and managing a group or community network. Much like LinkedIn Groups, a Facebook group is a great option to provide valuable content and information about an industry or area where you are looking to fill positions regularly over a period of time. Create a community that is location based, industry focused, or for a specific position. Make the group value based with little self-promotion. By having a successful group you can scale your recruitment efforts easily.Ex: MP recruiter network

Post Jobs

Remember, it’s ultimately the job postings which will keep your fans engaged and associated with your career page. Post open positions and alert your network about openings through your Facebook Fan or Careers Page. A RSS feed of your job postings can be created and added relatively easily to your page or you can post the links directly to your wall. Installing a third party career tab like ‘MyParichay’ provides a platform for job postings which when posted alerts your networks, gives you clear visibility of the status of applications and provides you with advanced tracking and analytics to constantly keep you ahead of the game.


Search talent

Almost all social media networks like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter offer search capabilities to look for talents. Search for talent meeting your job criteria. This opens the door for you to interact with them and engage them for the job opportunity at hand or even to ask for further referrals.

Facebook referrals

Employee referrals have always been quality talent source. Year 2013 saw an average increase of 31% in employee referrals (*source ‘sprout social hr recruitment report’13’) which estimates year 2014 to be even bigger. If your company allows employee access to Facebook, encourage them as well as your own close colleagues and friends to repost certain job openings to their network. Sharing, reposting allows job post to reach a wider audience with increased virality.


‘MyParichay’ offers a powerful technology solution to fully automate and boost your social recruiting experience. MyParichay is an enterprise class solution that provide benefits to the recruiter through an, Intuitive Workflow, simple and easy to use dashboard to post jobs, manage responses, manage employee referral, source talent, Gamification& Comprehensive Reporting.

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