Job Portals vs. Facebook – The Race to Recruitment!

Job Portals vs. Facebook – The Race to Recruitment!


Race to recruit

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We have witnessed number of blogs and articles describing about the shortcomings of job portals while calculating ROI but very few compare and speak about what exactly makes jobs portals fall short of expectations. On the other hand, Facebook recruiting, which comes with a promising advantage over other social network & job portals, is running over on the path of exponential growth widely being accepted by organizations of all size and structure.

So what are these shortcomings organizations face while using job portals to fulfill their manpower requirements? What makes Facebook score high over other social network and precisely job portals?

Let’s analyze and compare both from a recruiter’s perspective, based on their needs which among the two can optimize their efforts and pay them higher benefits than the other.

Job portals vs. Facebook – The Race to Recruitment

Round 1: Race to Sourcing

The search interfaces/engines of all major online job board resume databases enable users to create highly specific searches and thus easily return relevant results. If you can find them, you can contact them and begin to build relationships with them. This approach can guarantee initiation but will stand short of relationship.

On the other hand, Facebook is a business that can give you five times the reach of job portals and LinkedIn (its nearest competitor). In addition Facebook provides a user base that’s active on the site to a degree that job portals can only dream of and the ability to reach candidates in sectors that you don’t typically view LinkedIn as being able to reach. (You just need a third party application like MyParichay which can unlock your potential by giving access to this user base)

Round 2: Race to Engagement

A Job portal limits a recruiter’s communication to emails or phone call where your communication happens till the position is open. Job portals don’t provide a platform for a recruiter to communicate and engage with the large chunk of passive candidates which they get in the form of applications and downloaded resumes/profiles.

When an applicant applies for the job posting, he gets an option to like the Facebook page and subscribe for updates made to the page. Recruiters can update page with content that can suit job seekers looking for work opportunities in your company. Even if the position is no longer available, the applicant can view the updates and connect to the brand automatically.

Round 3: Power of networking

The power of networking is unmatched if utilized to its full efficiency. Job portals lack this ability to utilize the network of applicants and their reach is limited to the number of response they receive via their job postings.

Social networks, particularly Facebook, provide an ability to derive an ROI out of one’s network. Tools are available today which can unlock you access to an applicant’s network thereby widening your reach to source more and more candidates. (MyParichay comes with ‘In Network Search’ feature which provides users an ability to dig into the network of responses and source similar candidates out of it)

Round 4: Competitive Branding

There is no denying that having a corporate presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networking sites, or having a corporate blog can increase your brand awareness and the desire of others to work at your company in ways that the major job boards simply cannot, as they do not offer similar methods of exposure or branding.

Facebook has always been considered as the no1 platform for branding the organization. Branding on Facebook increases reach visibility and interest among job seekers – a feat you can’t achieve by using job portals.

There are literally hundreds of options available for a recruiter at present. These include traditional advertising in the newspapers and magazines, on the internet through free and paid job sites, labor associations, job fairs, post-secondary schools and many more. However, it is vitally important to identify what platform your recruitment will focus on prior to determining what returns you can expect from your efforts.

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