Job Referrals: How to find your next job through a Facebook/ LinkedIn friend

Job Referrals: How to find your next job through a Facebook/ LinkedIn friend


Tips for Asking for a Job Referral

A job referral can be the best way to get your resume to the HR desk of any company. When you are referred by a friend working in that company, you stand a better chance than all the other resume’s sitting on the desk of the recruiter




Did you know?

It’s even better when the person referring you for a job can take a couple of minutes to personally refer you to the hiring manager.

Monica Trehan, AVP Genpact India says “Genpact is actively searching for suitable candidates who are connected to our employees on their Facebook network”…. and for good reason/ Research shows that ‘referral’ hires not only stay longer in their jobs but perform better over the long term. Anytime you can get your application tagged as ‘referral’, your chances of getting to an interview sky rockets.And getting that job is easier than you think… often times a phone call or email to HR from your friend or the hiring manager is all it takes.”

So, how can you get a referral for a job?

The best type of referral for a job is an employee referral; however clients, vendors, and other people who are connected with the company may be able to assist, as well.

Start by checking for friends (from your college, your alumni, from your past work place) and family at theor have connections in the company you are interested to join. If you don’t know where your friends work, the best place to search is in your LinkedIn or Facebook networks. This may be tedious work but this is your best chance at landing a job at that company.

Where do you find friends and family that can refer you to a job in their company?

Employees in companies who are active on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn companies can be approached through “Social referral platforms” to easily find your friends or their friend connections at companies. “Social referral platforms” are now making it simpler for job seekers to find friends or friend of friends across t heir social networks and in the simple click of a button also contact individuals asking for a referral. A good social referral platform can help you find the best jobs, show you the connections in that company and give you the ability to find candidate connections in companies that matter.

How to Ask for a Referral

Once you have found yourself a job and the friend that can help you, how do you ask for a referral? You can for a referral by sending an old-fashioned letter, by sending an email message, or by sending a message on a networking site like LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s better to ask in writing, whichever way you choose, instead of over the phone. That way the potential referrer has time to make the referral when he can find the time and ensure he presents your case in an effective manner. Referring a friend through email also becomes easier for your friend as the email can be forwarded to HR with the click of a button.

Especially when you don’t know the person you’re asking very well or if they aren’t familiar with your current work history, make sure to use the email and provide them information on your skills and experiences with updated copy of your resume so the reference provider has current information to work with. Social referral platforms are now providing jobseekers the ability to communicate with their friend via message and share rich content about their skills and also share their resume. The key benefits of Social referral platforms are:

  • They help you find the best jobs across job boards, company websites and all other sources
  • Find friend and friend of friend connections in companies you want to join
  • Provide you simple ways to contact and get responses from friend connections and help ensure your resume reaches the recruiter/hiring manager

MyParichay is India’s largest social referral platform, with over 20 Million profiles growing at 100,000 a month. MyParichay uses the social network of your friends both on Facebook and on LinkedIn. Using these friend connections MyParichay gives you the power of finding friend referrals faster and making contacting them easier. Our powerful job search feature helps candidates bring all jobs from job portals, company website and all other sources to one place. MyParichay, recently announced the launch of Connected Jobs™.

MyParichay’s new Connected Jobs™ connects to a LinkedIn and Facebook; intelligently utilizing personal contacts in Facebook who are professionals and LinkedIn connections to give job seekers a complete overview of their professional reach through these two networks.

How can you use Connected Jobs™ to find your next dream job?

In 4 simple steps you can find the best jobs see the connections that can help you and contact the person who can get your resume at the top of the pile on the HR Managers desk!

STEP 1: Join MyParichay™ if you already have not

STEP 2: Search for jobs using the job search feature in MyParichay

(MyParichay find all jobs across job boards, company websites and all other sources)

STEP 3: Find the connections in your network

(Allow MyParichay access to your LinkedIn network)

STEP 4: Click on the connections that matter and contact them through a message on Facebook

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