Just-In-Time recruiting with MyParichay!

Just-In-Time recruiting with MyParichay!


Just In Time recruiting

Toyota Motor Company is credited with the innovation of ‘Just-In-Time’ method of production. Basically, the idea behind ‘Just-In-Time’ is that inventory equals waste. As well as affecting efficiency and profitability, carrying inventory diverts resources from where they can be used to their greatest effect. Progress along the assembly line drives what materials and manpower are needed for the next step in process which is the ‘Just-In-Time’ production.

Historically HR functions have been reactive in nature. In the new world of recruiting, HR needs to adapt its approach to identify and cultivate new resources in advance of their actual need, or “just in time’. This means that HR must not only aim ahead of their target but also has to build a strategy to deliver on time. On the surface, pipelining candidates and building candidate inventories seems to be just plain and simple common sense. However, sometimes what just “feels right” may in fact not actually be the most effective and efficient method of doing a thing.

Recruiting has two main components, first the continuous programs for the attraction and development of relationships with a wide-audience of potential candidates, and secondly the active phase of selection and evaluation of available talent for hiring. To guarantee a successful ‘Just-In-Time’ recruitment, a recruiter’s job lies in carefully executing below strategies along with maintaining focus in the two components.

1.       Relationship Recruiting

Relationship recruiting is about building lasting relationships that’s tough. And if you want to break through to the next level of candidate pipelining to create a true talent community, you must find a way to engage your members so they develop a sense of trust and willingness to connect with you. Building community, driving conversation through meaningful content & providing a better candidate experience fulfills an immediate requirement as it comes up.

2.       Automating Sourcing process

Present web-based applications offer enterprise-level social recruiting platforms with small business-sized price tags. Platforms like MyParichay uses filters to help scale down hundreds of online applications to a manageable short list on the basis of skills, experience level, organization & gender in no time. Along with keyword-based filters, this tool can also test applicants on technical skills and industry expertise. For an ex. MyParichay Social Retargeting helps recruiters and HR managers amplify their current talent pool from job boards, consultants, walk ins & ATS using the Facebook Social Graph. By using the tool, one can perform an in network search and dig into a candidate’s network to find similar candidate in his network. This ability to dig into network of candidates not only increases reach but also increases probability to source quality talent saving a lot of time spent in hiring cycle.

3.       Employer Branding

In my previous blogs, I have laid importance in need for branding your organization which should be an integral part of your recruiting plan. Building your organization brand on Facebook with brand page and a dedicated career tab guarantees an association with job seekers and candidates. Having a dedicated career tab on Facebook also widens reach of your job postings and enables a job seeker to directly apply to the job from one source. This not only serves a recruiter with a reach but also surplus candidates to source during an immediate requirement.

4.       Employee Referral

Who can serve a recruiter better for an immediate requirement than employees! A flawless employee referral program in your organization is the number one source of hiring volume and new hire quality. Referrals guarantee quality hire that is already aware of your organization and are somewhere associated with your brand. The success rate which an employee referral program guarantees makes it impossible to ignore employee referrals as a source of candidates and quality hires in Just-In-Time recruiting.

The rapid changes in the business environment have facilitated the change and re-engineering of the HR processes. The new age of business requires a new set of skills, tools and metrics which will be more responsive with a measurable ROI. Speed, metrics and just-in-time recruiting will be the keystones for future talent acquisition.

MyParichay’ offers a powerful technology solution to fully automate and boost your social recruiting experience. Take a test drive of MyParichay solutions

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