New Product Feature – August, 2014 – Dashboard and Analytics

New Product Feature – August, 2014 – Dashboard and Analytics


Recruiters spend a lot of time on MyParichay and hence it becomes important to concentrate on metrics that convey the status and effectiveness of the system. It is with this in mind that we have designed the Dashboard and Job analytics – a single point of access to all that’s happening on MyParichay


The dashboard is a snapshot of the recruiter’s jobs and responses. As soon as you log into the system, you will be able to see all responses across all jobs since your last login date. This will help you stay updated and eliminate the fear of missing out on responses to jobs. You will also be able to see the number of open jobs and number of positions across these jobs.


To help you navigate faster, you will be able navigate to job posting page from here.

Clicking on the “View Analytics” link will take you to analytics section of the dashboard.


This section helps recruiters track all that’s happening on MyParichay with respect to a particular job.

Recruiters will be able to select a particular job and a date range for which he/she wishes to know more.  There is also a download option, clicking on which you can download a report with information on responses across all sources.



After selecting a job, analytics is split into three sections:

Total responses

In the first graph, you can see responses received for that particular job across the three buckets – MyParichay applicants, Referrals and Other. You can check the number in each category by hovering on each segment of the graph. This section also displays the number of views that the job has received since May 2014

Analytics_Total responses

Source of Applicants

In this section, you can check Source wise split of applicants based on the selected category. On selecting a particular category from the drop down, responses are split into various sources in the selected category. E.g. if category “Direct” is chosen, responses will be split into Career site, company Facebook wall, Facebook career tab, Mobile, MyParichay careers for women, MyParichay job seeker app and others



At the same time, third graph displays a status wise split within the selected category. For e.g. if there are 20 responses in direct, the second graph display the split of these 20 among various sources under direct and at the same time split of these 20 into each of the standard statuses created on MyParichay.



Source effectiveness

Third and the final graph displays the effectiveness of each source. This will help you decide on your most effective source of applicants based on which you can design your recruiting strategy.


You can select all statuses defined in the system and the graph displays a breakup of responses within the selected source. In this way you can decide your most effective source, from among all the responses for a particular job. Checking this over the life time of a job will provide a clear view of your recruitment funnel across all sources.




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