New Product Feature – August, 2014 – Naukri Posting

New Product Feature – August, 2014 – Naukri Posting


Recruiters can now post job openings on Naukri without leaving MyParichay. Just by selecting a checkbox and answering a basic questions about the job, recruiters can have their opening posted on Naukri. MyParichay also goes a step further and also populates responses to your Naukri postings.

Naukri Posting


Here is how the feature works. First, log into MyParichay’s Dashboard for recruiters and navigate to the Post a Job page. Then select Naukri as a job board you want to post to and answer a few basic questions about your job. Then, click on submit and MyParichay will post the job on Naukri for you. To view your responses simply go to the Manage Responses page and use MyParichay’s filter options. Select Source as Job Board and Category as Naukri, and viola your responses from Naukri will appear on MyParichay.


This feature is available to all retail customers and we will be able to post a Hot Vacancy on Naukri. We are working on supporting other types of posting on Naukri. Watch out for them in coming releases!

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