New Product Feature – June, 2014 – Usability Improvements

New Product Feature – June, 2014 – Usability Improvements


At MyParichay, we care about making our products easy to use. A few months back we observed a few recruiters use Social Retargeting (TM) and identified a bunch of little things that will make the experience better. We started by increasing the number of profiles shown on the People Search and Folders page to 50. To help you keep track of the number of profiles selected on these pages, just refer to the label at the top, that tells you how many profiles selected out of the total number of profiles.


The next thing that we focused on was making navigation between pages easy to do. We placed the Save and Options button close to the page numbers on the People Search & Folders page respectively. We did this to make sure you don’t waste time scrolling up and down within pages. Jump through the several pages in your search results within seconds now.
Finally, we’ve also added improvements to Parichay Messages. When a candidate receives a notification for a job that does not a fit him/her, they can now click on the ‘Not a fit?’ link. In future releases we plan to take the information back to a recruiter and tell them how effectively they are targeting candidates.
We’d love to hear from you about improvements to our platform’s usability. Click on the ‘Feedback’ button on the right hand side of all pages on MyParichay and write to us.

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