New Product Feature – October, 2014 – Web Profiles

New Product Feature – October, 2014 – Web Profiles


Starting from this release, MyParichay will source the web and find candidates for you in a new feature called – Web Profiles. A recruiter will now see more profiles than ever before on MyParichay’s People Search. You can identify these profiles with a new icon that looks like this –


To contact these candidates, MyParichay will run a matching algorithm to identify possible profiles for these candidates. Select all the profiles you want to contact and click on Send Parichay Message. MyParichay will do the heavy lifting for you and contact as many candidates as possible in bulk. For all web profiles you will see a new option (marked by a red circle) on this screen. Click on a profile and send a Facebook Message to these candidates.


When these candidates apply after seeing the Facebook messages they will marked with a source as – Facebook Message on your Dashboard account.

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