New Product Feature – September, 2014 – Dashboard Improvements

New Product Feature – September, 2014 – Dashboard Improvements


Invite to MyParichay Icon

Often recruiters invite Non-MyParichay candidates to MyParichay. With this new feature, all invited candidates will be tagged with an “Invited” icon.  This will help recruiters keep track of all invitations.


Mobile Applicants

Some candidates apply to jobs from mobile. Until now, recruiters could not find out if a particular candidate applied through mobile or desktop. With this feature, all candidates who have applied via mobile will be tagged with a mobile icon.


Dashboard Notifications

Starting today, we are introducing ‘Notifications’ – a new communication channel on MyParichay’s recruiter dashboard. Using this feature recruiters will receive timely alerts on important activities to be done.

Each notification will have a button, from which actions can be performed without leaving the page.

If you want to ignore some notifications for the time being, you can mark it as read and view them at a later time by clicking on the ‘See All’ link.





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