New Product Feature – September, 2014 – Update status using excel upload

New Product Feature – September, 2014 – Update status using excel upload


This feature allows you to update status of multiple candidates by uploading an excel sheet. Download responses for a particular job into an excel sheet from the responses page of the job. You can now either change statuses of these candidates or add candidates from other sources.

Once excel is updated, in the manage responses page clicking on “Import Referrals/Direct candidate List” will direct the user to an upload page.On uploading the excel sheet, status of existing candidates will be updated and the same can be seen under the responses section of the job.


In case of new candidates, a new responses will be added to existing responses for that particular job.

It is important to note the following cases when using these features

– If names of candidates are changed without any change in email id, then a new responses is not added.

– If email id of an existing candidates is changed and uploaded, a new response is created. This is because email id is considered to be a key variable to distinguish between new and old responses.

– Only if email id is unique a new response will be added.

– If status of any of the candidates is updated to “Not Reachable”, those candidates will be sent an SMS informing them on the same.


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