How to recruit top talent using Social Career Site Manager

How to recruit top talent using Social Career Site Manager


Recruiting has seen a paradigm shift over the past decade or so. Recruiting channels have slowly graduated from the traditional word-of-mouth employee referrals systems, Job posting on company websites, applicant tracking systems, social media channels to the latest cloud and SaaS based applications. Advent of Social media and advances in digital marketing have also given rise to social media marketing to hire top candidates from as many sources as possible.

One important factor that recruiters have emphasized over the years across all these recruiting channels is efficiency – ease of managing all the above channels without the risk of missing out on applications/resumes, time to hire, cost of hires and more importantly quality of hires. This also leads to their biggest challenge – how to integrate popular traditional job postings on company websites with the power of modern social media and digital marketing technologies?

The answer lies in creatively converting employer brands into quality hires. In combining the nuances of traditional career sites and the reach of social media. In other words in utilising the power of Social Career sites. *Statistics show that 78% of recruiters have used social media to hire at least one candidate[i] .  So how do we use this in conjunction with company career pages? Here are a few ways in which you can do that

  1. Facebook Ads retargeting: Capture visitors to your career pages on the website and target them with Job related ads on Facebook. Target prospective candidates with direct job ads, preferred employer, industry, functional area, interests, etc. Target visitors to your company and affiliate pages. This ensure that you not only target the right set of candidates but also increases quality of hires.
  2. Mobile optimised career sites: Although desktop applications remains the top source for social recruiting, mobile usage of social networking sites has increased over the years. Active mobile users on Facebook have increased by a whopping 34% over the last year.[ii] It is therefore very important that career sites integrated with social networks are mobile friendly. This might just increase your target audience by a huge number.
  3. One click Job posting: With the number of hiring channels increasing by the day, a one click job posting is very important from a recruiter’s point of view. Recruiters should be able to post jobs from their career pages, company Facebook pages, LinkedIn Pages, Job boards, etc. all with a single click.
  4. Social Retargeting of job applicants: A key aspect of integrating job applications with social media sites is the ability of job applicants to apply with Facebook. Target and contact friends of that applicant on Facebook and LinkedIn and thereby increase your candidate pool significantly. Facebook network size of Indian recruiters increased by 26% in 2014. Similarly target size of U.S. recruiters Facebook network increase by 31%. [iii]



[iii] BullHorn Reach 2014 global social recruiting activity report

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