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People Search

Posting a job is easy and simple. You can enter all the mandatory and optional information from a single place and share jobs across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can even post your job to job boards like Shine.

This feature helps you create candidate lists to send email campaigns. You can use your database from various sources like Job boards, previous candidate list, internal databases, etc and upload candidates for future requirements.

This features helps you broadcast your jobs by creating email campaigns. After selecting a job for which you intend to run a campaign you can select from a list of default templates. You can also use recipients from your existing recipient list or use new email id’s.

With the manage responses functionality we make sorting through responses simple and efficient. The entire pool of responses to a particular job would be split under 3 tabs, namely, MyParichay applicants, Referrals and other applicants. MyParichay applicants tab will contain a list of all candidates whose network is searchable. Referrals tab will contain all applicants referred to this job and other applicants tab will contain a list of all candidates from all other sources including job boards like Shine where the candidate network is not searchable.

MyParichay People Search allows you to search through more than 33 million candidate profiles. We provide multiple filters and search criteria, and allow you to save candidates to folders to be able to contact them later. This is a great tool to power your recruitment.

With Parichay Messages, you can now contact not just one, but multiple candidates just by clicking a single button. After searching through profiles, you can save multiple candidates with a click of a single button and send Parichay messages.