What MyParichay gives you that other job boards don’t?

What MyParichay gives you that other job boards don’t?


If you are a fresher right out of college and did not get through campus placement, finding your first job can be stressful. Especially in the current economy where employers are cutting down on hiring. (If you got a job or an offer, hearty congratulations! Read on to know how you can help your friends who don’t have a job yet.)

Fresher or experienced, you have most likely uploaded your resume to leading online job boards like Naukri or Monster. Some of you have also looked up several niche forums like hasgeek, chetanasforum and other smaller job boards. You are constantly applying for jobs of interest. For the first few days you are happy that so many recruiters are looking at your resume and your hopes of finding a job soar. You may even get a call from a few recruiters verifying your credentials and CV. A few weeks pass by and you find out this is a drill that recruiters do and does not mean anything. You wait for that moment where they invite you to an in-person interview with the hiring team.If you pass all rounds, you are well on your way to land the job. But, you know, there are millions of candidates like you and much fewer jobs. The worst part is you don’t know what the employer is looking for. Uploading your resume to an online job board now almost reminds you of dropping a stone into a dry well and waiting to hear the splash!

Honestly, at this point the online job boards have done their job of matching demand (job opening) with supply (you). The rest is up to the recruiters. Recruiters don’t have it easy either as they need to filter and sort the best candidates in a million. So your wait gets longer. Weeks turn into months. Seasons change but it sounds like Groundhog day for you. The number of recruiters looking at your resume decreases. The calls from recruiters go from many to rarely. By now, you have figured out the tricks of the trade. You update your resume every night on all job boards to ensure your resume shows up again in the recruiter’s search every morning. Your profile may be on LinkedIn but most recruiters on LinkedIn are hiring for mid to senior professionals and not early career professionals.

What is your next option? Your family is waiting for you to get a job. They understand how hard you are struggling but can’t stand your daily tantrums. Some of you hear from your family and friends saying “did you ask your neighbour who works at a multinational company? May be he might know of some job openings at his company?” Or, “did you ask your senior, whom you played cricket with at college?” At first, you are shy to ask, but in a few days, you cook up a pretext to call your friend and let him know you are looking for a job. Let’s assume your friend appreciates your deep understanding of say, Thermodynamics (because that’s how he passed in the subject), or your comprehensive analysis on any topic. So, he shares what he is working on at his company, how he aced the interview, what kind of questions they ask in the interview, what kind of technical aptitude is required, who interviews usually, so on and so forth, enough to ease the jitters in your stomach. You feel a lot more confident now and kick yourself, “Wow, why didn’t I think of calling all my friends in the first place??” And then the truth dawns upon you. You say to yourself “Gosh, how would I know which friends work where and what jobs are open in each company”. Let’s pretend it was a fleeting moment of intellectual honesty.

Your friend calls you in a couple of days and informs of a job opening in his organization that might be a good fit for you. He asks you to forward your resume so he can further forward it to the recruiter with a personal note saying “I recommend my friend to this job”. Next thing you know, you are invited to an interview. Assuming you pass the technical interviews, you are landed a job offer. Congratulations. For those of you already have a job, you could be this friend who helps your graduating students get a job and change their life!

Of course, all of this presumes that you are employable! If you are not employable then you need to go back and add skills or knowledge to your CV, but that’s a different question.

Let’s come back to that fleeting moment of intellectual honesty where you said “I was lucky my friend helped me get a job”. This is exactly what MyParichay offers for job seekers! MyParichay helps jobseekers like you find the best jobs by searching all the job openings out there on the web. However, this is where the similarity with online job boards ends and the genius begins. MyParichay also tells you which of your friends you can reach out to who are either working or had worked at the hiring company. If you are going “wow”, you are on the right track.

Recall what you did upfront to find the friend who introduced you to the job. It was pure chance, right? MyParichay increases that chance 54 times and a lot simpler by matching your Facebook and LinkedIn connections with jobs of interest. Not only that, MyParichay makes it easier for you to connect with anyone for FREE through Facebook. If you found a friend of a friend who is the Vice President at your company of interest, go ahead and make that connection. Let him/her know your interests and area of research! They are always looking for enthusiasm in their organizations!

Now, here is the uber-cool part about MyParichay – it helps you build a professional presence through the MyParichay Profiles feature on the social network. So when recruiters do their sleuthing, you will still look sharp (never mind you love Bieber or you saw Vicky Donor 50 times). You get to own your professional reputation, like it should always be. What’s helpful is that MyParichay quantifies this into a score called Move Score based on your connections to determine the likelihood of moving up in your career. Use this move score to create your future, to invite people who matter. Here is a tip that may take several years for you to realize. “It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know” that will determine the direction of your career trajectory.

As they say in Bollywood, “What are you waiting for, kid? Go get her” Or him, as the case may be.

Simply go to https://www.myparichay.in and start finding out friends you can connect with for jobs. If you don’t have enough, here is a tip – invite your seniors to MyParichay!

If you found a job through your friend, pay it forward.

If you found a job through your friend on MyParichay, come back and tell us but more importantly tell your friends.

Good luck!

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